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Anna Kislitsyna - Testimonials

"Anna is a wonderful pianist with a great love for music. We have worked together on two recordings of my compositions, and her work is exemplary. She is extremely conscientious, always prepared, highly skilled, and has a wealth of experience. She brings true artistry and dedication to her work, as well as a positive attitude, and is a joy to collaborate with. I am very grateful to her and give her my highest recommendation."

Bruce Babcock, composer

"Anna is an extraordinary and sensitive pianist.
Her willingness to probe the music and try different approaches is very rewarding to a composer.
Her understanding of the “music between the notes” makes for a special interpretation.
I must say, that she made my composition ”Prelude” sound like a new piece. I am truly lucky to have had her play my music."

Michael Cohen, composer

"Working with Anna has been an absolute joy.  Her sparkling technique and her ability to perceive and draw out nuance and colour is amazing.  Anna has brought a pathos to the final movement of my Piano Sonata that I find deeply humbling.  Thank you Anna."  


Tara Guram, composer

"Anna is a serious interpreter for contemporary music, and her performance is sophisticated."  


Zhiyi Wang, composer

"Anna did a remarkable performance of my composition “Place in Landscape Reflection No. 1.” Not only did she read the score with the outmost efficiency, she also was able to take the interpretation to a new level of finding the “soul” of the piece. She added life and meaning in a profound emotional way"  


Eric Chapelle, composer

"It was such a thrill and honor to have Anna Kislitsyna record my Caucasus Sonata. She brings to it the same Russian virtuosity as her Rachmaninoff, the same modernist bite as her Antheil, and some of the same warmth as her Debussy. Plus she has incredible technique. It was truly a peak experience for me to hear the piece come to life."  


Mark Simon, composer

"I was most impressed with Anna’s performance of my piano works. I believe she is one of those unique musicians who can combine technical brilliance, musical and artistic intelligence, with a deep aesthetic understanding of style and genre. In our recording session, it was obvious to me that Anna was able to go beyond the written notes and discover hidden and new meanings in her interpretation. As a composer I could not ask for more than that: to have worked with a musician whose performances bridge and give voice to that enigmatic gap or space existing between the written score and a composer’s intentions. In being true to the music, Anna was also able to open up new possibilities, not only for audiences but also for me as the composer."  


Richard Vella, composer

"Several years ago I found a video online featuring a harpsichord performance of one of J.J. Froberger's Toccatas.  I was immediately struck by the feeling for the style displayed by the performer, which seemed to convey the personality of the music the best of any recordings that were available.  When I signed up for harpsichord lessons a couple years later at the Nelly Berman School of Music, imagine my surprise when I discovered that my teacher would be the harpsichordist who had played Froberger so captivatingly!  After a year and a half of studying with Anna, I can not only say that she is fiercely dedicated to her students, but that the breadth and depth of her knowledge is beyond what I had ever expected to encounter.  She possesses a natural feeling for such a wide variety of styles that even the most niche or little-known repertoire is easy for her to teach and perform.   As one who writes music myself, it's heartening that Anna is a champion of living composers' work and she frequently helps me to perform my own keyboard works with greater refinement.  Furthermore, her intellectual curiosity and the broad scope of her learning allows her to explore the historical context surrounding the music with her students, making their comprehension of the music more complete.  With Anna, I believe there is no detail or nuance that goes unattended to, whether teaching or performing.  Whether through her formidable and diverse performance capabilities or her unwavering support of her students, the impact she leaves on future generations of musicians and music lovers will surely be exceptional.


- Max Hauser"

- Nelly Berman School of Music 

“Anna’s love for her music, teaching, and students has had such a positive influence on my life. During our lessons together, she taught me to think and feel deeply, by developing me both as a musician and a person. Her unique teaching style is truly refreshing. Wherever she goes, Anna inspires people with her bright, passionate, and generous personality. I am extremely grateful for having Anna as my teacher and mentor.



Maria Zhdankina

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"I’ve known Anna for many years, and as a teacher and a supporter of mine, she’s consistently been hardworking, focused, and dedicated to encouraging me as a pianist. She has guided me and responded to my areas of weakness with useful advice and unyielding perseverance, even if I felt I wasn’t up to the task. Though she is my teacher, I respect her as a performer, a master of the same art I practice. I am so grateful for the skills that I owe to her. In teaching me to be more story-like and expressive in my playing, I inadvertently learned to be more expressive in everyday speech, writing and thought. She is truly invested in my musical career and has been there every step of the way. Because of Anna, I have become a more whole person and performer.



Michael Zhou

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"Anna has been my harpsichord teacher for just a year but within the year, I have learned to be a more serious musician. Anna is inspiring, and remarkably dedicated to her students. She has taught me to be more artistic and to tell a story through the music rather than just playing the notes. Anna truly wants to see her students succeed in their music endeavors and has provided the support to see that through, whether it be a competition or an audition. Anna has also encouraged me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of accomplishing. She is also inspiring because not only does she dedicate so much of her time to her students but she is also a prolific performer! I really cannot say enough good things about Anna, and I am very grateful to have her as a teacher.


Best Regards"

Torsten Fras


- Nelly Berman School of Music

"I learned from many famous teachers before Anna, but for me Anna is the best! In addition to be a master of the piano, she is also a marvelous and dedicated teacher. What Anna taught me went far beyond piano technique. She taught me how to use music to express my feelings. I enjoyed every lesson with her and looked forward to the next one. She could tell my weaknesses and figure out a unique way to help me to improve. I learned my first piano concerto with her and pianist Lang Lang gave a high praise on my playing of this piece! He asked me who my piano teacher was! I am so lucky to have such a generous, professional, and passionate teacher! Thank you, Anna!

Henry Wu

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"Ms. Anna is a great piano teacher. She is very detailed when she teaches. She makes sure everything is right before moving on. She prepared me for numerous competitions and performances. It was a great experience for me! Ms. Anna is very dedicated to teaching. I can tell that she really loves what she is doing."

- Isabella 


 "I had the opportunity to attend her lessons as a parent. I have learned so much just by listening to her as she guides my child on her musical journey. There are so many wonderful things I can say about Anna. She loves kids. She loves music. She loves teaching and she enjoys what she is doing which I think are the main ingredients on being a successful teacher. She has inspired my kid to practice correctly. She ensures that my child has  piano pieces that are suitable for her skills. I can tell that my little one is very happy every lesson because she has a lot of stories and information that she shares with me when she goes home. It is a blessing that my child is able to learn from her. She is a great role model to her students because she is hard-working and an exceptional performer. As a parent, I am thankful that I can easily communicate with her. If I have a question regarding competitions she would email me even late at night. Her students are a part of her life and it seems to me that it brings her so much joy. Her students' success is also her success. I would highly recommend her as a music educator! Anna, I wish you all the best in everything you do and hope to see you soon in one of your concerts". 

- a parent of a piano student


Isabella Florendo (Nelly Berman School of Music) and Monina Florendo  

"I started studying with Ms. Anna about a year ago, and from the beginning, she has been one of the most approachable teachers I’ve ever had. She truly cares about how each student is doing, and feels comfortable talking about her own life as well. For me as a student, this makes lessons much more enjoyable and allows me to feel a connection to a teacher. Additionally, instead of simply listening to her comments about a piece and applying them absentmindedly, she encourages conversation and active listening. It is because she is so approachable that I have always felt comfortable asking the questions “why?” or “how?” when I don’t understand something. She answers calmly and appropriately and in the end, I feel like I gain a deeper understanding of the music. Ms. Anna is very encouraging and helps me find opportunities for performances or competitions. She serves as a wonderful role model for any young pianist - warm, caring, and funny, but also hard working, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in her field.




Erica Clarke 

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"Dear Anna,


Thank you so much for everything over the past few years. I cannot even begin to describe how much I have learned from you, both about the pieces I have played and about life itself. I am so tremendously grateful to have had you as my teacher. From you, I learned how to be an artist and not just a girl playing the piano. I am so excited for all the cool things you have been doing. It is so well deserved and I wish you the best of luck! 



Alison Tatsuoka

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"I am so grateful for everything Anna taught me about music in the last several years, as she has helped me improve my skills and increase my knowledge as a musician. Although I was a tough student at times would continue to help me learn everything I would need to know about a piece. During lessons, she not only shows me methods to help me improve my playing, but also tells stories about the composer, and how the piece was written. Additionally, Anna is an incredible harpsichordist, and has also taught me many techniques for performing a piece on harpsichord, continues to encourage piano students to learn pieces on harpsichord. Anna is a phenomenal teacher, who’s teaching always brings a positive vibe.


With appreciation"

Rachel Wang

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"Dear Anna,


I wanted to tell you that it was amazing to have you as a teacher. You taught me so many things about the piano that I had never focus before and emphasized the importance of playing with your emotions. I loved watching you play the piano and felt inspired by your stage presence and your passion about the piano. I will definitely play piano in my leisure time and might go back for lessons again one day!  



Best wishes"

Linda Huang 

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"Dear Anna,

You are a great teacher and an amazing piano player. I’ve improved so much in the past few years, due to your patient and kind teaching. You’ve taught me to look beyond the notes, and to enjoy music, not just play it. Your fondness for music and piano is evident, and you are always working so hard, I’ve always wondered how you could learn a whole piece of music in less than a week. You will succeed anywhere you go. Thank you!



Betti Pang

- Nelly Berman School of Music 

    "Anna Kislitsyna is an outstanding young pianist with remarkable technical ability and true artistic insight. She has been a wonderful addition to our doctoral program at the Boyer College. I predict great success for her future in music"


Dr. Charles Abramovic,

Professor, Chair of Keyboard Studies

Temple University

"Anna is a fantastic piano teacher. She is great in any way -- she plays so well, and she teaches so well. When Anna points out somewhere that needs improvement, instead of simply pointing it out, she will explain how and why you should improve it. She is always patient and willing to discover your advantages. I was not confident in my piano skills before taking Anna's class, but she makes me think about piano performance in another way. I now enjoy classical music more, and I am willing to challenge myself more as well, because Anna makes me believe that I can always do better. Thank you so much! With Love, Xinyi"

Xinyi Lou, 

- Bryn Mawr College (PA)

"I am incredibly grateful to have Anna as a teacher and a mentor for the past several years; she has not only greatly improved my technical skills and musical knowledge, but also changed my perspective on being a musician as a whole. During lessons, Anna always brings in a positive atmosphere. She not only teaches everything I need to know to play the music, but also the stories and context of each and every piece. Instead of focusing on "playing the notes," Anna always emphasizes the artistic aspect of the musician. Although sometimes I struggle and am not an easy student to work with at times, she is always willing to help. Anna, you are an exceptional teacher. Thank you!"


Andrew Yu

- Nelly Berman School of Music 

    "Anna is incredibly understanding, helpful, and loving. Anna has a teaching style that can be described in three words: warm, encouraging, and engaging. She truly loves to teach and her love for music is inspiring. Her teaching differs from other teachers because of her ability to make lessons enjoyable. She constantly engages with her students, making lessons interesting. Anna has an absolutely unique teaching style, and it led me to success in the renowned Albert M. Greenfield Competition. Her amazing musical personality caused me to have the unbelievable opportunity of performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Anna has not only made an enormous impact on my musical career but also, in my life. She is a marvelous teacher, but also a magnificent person.


Melody Yu

- Nelly Berman School of Music

"I am so lucky to have Anna as my piano teacher - although I haven’t been playing for very long, she has helped me progress much further than expected and makes each lesson enjoyable. She is always patient, positive and encouraging towards me during lessons, and provides precise and helpful advice to improve issues with technique along with giving me deeper insight into the backstory of every piece/composer. I hope I can continue this journey with her for as long as I can!"

Niharika S. 

- Private Studio 

"While taking lessons with Anna, I felt my skills as a pianist improve greatly. She pushed me to achieve things I did not know I could achieve on the piano. She plays the piano beautifully and understands so much about the pieces I played, and her teaching always reflected her knowledge. Not only did she teach me to play better, but she also taught me to understand the meaning and the feeling in each piece better. She is also incredibly kind, and I always enjoyed going to my lessons. Anna is an amazing teacher, and I am so happy that I take lessons with her!"


Andrew Johanningsmeier

- Haverford College (PA)

"After studying with Anna for a year, I feel truly fulfilled with the pieces I have been able to learn with her. For each work, Anna enhances my knowledge about the piece including its playing tradition and the rich context of the composer's life. Through my lessons I also am able to work on musicality and artistry, transcending the more basic task of learning the text. Without her, I would not have been able to perform works Liszt, Prokofiev, Scarlatti, and Kapustin to the level that I would have desired. I am truly grateful for all that she has taught me, and for the deeper meaning she has helped me find in studying music."

Bianca Teves

- Haverford College (PA)

"It has been an honor to learn from Anna over the past three years! Throughout my musical studies, I have never met someone as dedicated and passionate about piano, and classical music in general, as Anna. She is a maestro, and her expertise has not only made me a better pianist, but also a more disciplined student. I am in awe of the precision and feeling that goes into her playing and her ability to help others improve as she notices small details in performing a piece that can make a big difference when altered. For Anna, learning a piece is not only about the technicalities like rhythm, dynamics, and playing the correct notes - it is also about its context. She explains its history, cultural context, describes the life of the composer, and the significance behind the piece. Thus, Anna not only focuses on making music, but also on making music a meaningful, soulful, and pleasurable experience for the pianist and the audience. I am so happy to have learned from her and am excited to see her continue to excel in the future!"

Serene Kombargi

- Bryn Mawr College (PA)

" Over the past year and a half of taking lessons with Anna, she has pushed me to reach a level of playing of which I did not know I was capable. She has helped me improve both my technical skills and my confidence as a performer, most recently at the Triumph Spring Music Festival. In lessons, she always reflects her deep knowledge of the music’s composer and playing tradition, which has helped me understand the pieces I learn on a better level, and makes me look forward to every lesson. When I have sent recent recordings to past piano teachers, they have commented on the newfound fluidity and deeper sense of emotion that I have reached in my playing. Anna is such a kind and motivating teacher and has made feel so fulfilled as a musician. I am so grateful to get to take lessons with her!"

Eliza Ellis

- Bryn Mawr College (PA)

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